Meet Me Mobile

The technology is finally catching up to the idea. A friend of mine recently forwarded me a link to a new application for the iPhone and iTouch that allows people to connect randomly while remotely wandering this planet. It doesn’t use a centralized server to connect the profiles, but instead uses data on each device to connect individuals that are near each other and may want to be connected for one reason or another. I think it’s brilliant! Although, I think having the online profile and ability to keep track of the experience will be a much more exciting offering (an old idea of mine – mobile dating and SMS flirting), it’s a great start at using technology as an icebreaker.
The application: iFob
Features (from their site):
iFob is ultra simple to use, and has no required fields.
With iFob you enter only what you want people to know about you, plain and simple. You can modify whatever you enter whenever you want without having to login to any site.
iFob has lots of cool features, including:

  • Public Taglines that any iFob user can see.
  • Add more detailed public information about yourself.
  • Add additional private information that you can chose which iFob users may see.
  • Chat with other iFob users who are in the same hotspot.
  • Is not a web site: iFob is software that is installed on your iPhone, iPod or laptop.
  • Mark other iFob users as “interesting” if you would like to pay attention to in the future.
  • Visual and sound indicators when other iFob users come into the room.
  • Block iFob users based on whether or not they are boring so you will never be bored by them again.
  • Versions for iPod touch, iPhone, Windows PCs and Mac Intel laptops.
  • Works with any wireless network which your iPod, iPhone or laptop can connect with.
  • iPod and iPhone version are 100% free.
  • No subscription fees.
  • No advertising or any other kind of hassleware.
  • Ultra simple to use.
  • Ultra simple “profiles” with no required fields.
  • No having to define categories for yourself.

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