Return from India

Well, I’m back awake and much rested after a 20+ hour plane ride back from India. I think I came close to a new record as I slept from Monday at around 3 o’clock till Tuesday morning around 5:30 am, although I went back to bed until around 8ish. 🙂 Now I feel energized to take on all the email and mail I have to deal with, not to mention laundry and cleaning this damn apartment. I’m ready for a new year and what feels like a new beginning. I have experienced so much in the last 9 months and really feel inspired to try to stop talking and start doing new things. My first priority will be to reconnect with my friends and family as I have been physically away for a long time. Second, I really want to focus this year on figuring out what I want to do with the next 5 years of my life. One of my first priorities is to try and break my habit of being so lazy and unproductive on weekends!

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