Dear Pandora – how do Thumbs work?

I’ve made an assumption all this time that the thumbs up/down would indicate to Pandora that for a given station, I don’t like a particular song. Not necessarily that I don’t like that song entirely, rather that it’s not appropriate for the sound I want the station to play.
Here’s an example…
I could create a station for Bon Jovi and it could be all over the place. Alternatively, I could create a station for You Give Love a Bad Name, and occasionally it might through in a ballad. But, maybe I only want high energy Bon Jovi type music, so in this case, I thumbs down all those ballads.
Now, I’m kind of a ballad guy, so in another station I might create it based on Bed of Roses, and in this case, if you start playing Living on a Prayer, I’m going to thumbs down it. Not because I don’t like that song, but because I don’t want it in this station.
I can’t find anything in the Help section that would let me know if you actually do this. To be honest, it’s the basis for my subscription and the reason I love Pandora. So, if you don’t, please start working on it..and oh, don’t let me know.
If you do, then I’d love to have this validated!
Your Fan.

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