Enterprise Software Companies & System Integrators

Just published an article at PSVillage.com on why enterprise software companies should partner with system integrators/consultancies to implement their system for their customers. Excerpt below:

Recently, I joined a small, but quickly growing software company with a policy automation solution for property and casualty insurance carriers and large agencies. My immediate challenge was to increase the number of new customers that could be implemented annually. The company has had success from having a highly relevant product that has a tremendous amount of industry insight built in. However, the challenge was that the company had a limited capacity to implement new customers. Partnering with one or more system integrators or consultancies was a quick way of immediately gaining access to capacity while minimizing financial risks to the company as these resources could be more flexibly ramped up and down as project requirements demanded. This is one of the most financially valuable components of partnering with a system integrator. By minimizing the total headcount in the services organization, there is also a natural organization psychology that maintains the focus on the product rather than on services. Additionally, often times there is a symbiotic relationship that can be created as the system integrators are looking for new technologies to bring to their existing clients and you as the software company can introduce them to new customers.

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